Underground Aces


Hotel California

Is it a song inspired by Jeremy Clarkson’s “fun” with a certain Top Gear producer or the state of Liberty in America?

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Guy and François, two TV commentators for NASCAR races, were recently fired after François punched their networks’ Chairman on live TV following the Chairman’s derogatory comment that “Roger Penske was no Bernie Ecclestone.”

On their way to a job interview at Paul’s Truck Repair in Kent, Washington, they accidentally stumble into Blue Origin’s headquarters. With the rest of the Blue Origin team working on BE-4, Jeff Bezos personally escorts Guy and François to the door. During their heart-felt apology to Bezos, he is struck by Guy and François’s ability to expertly interrupt each other’s sentences and their genuine love and hatred for each other. Bezos offers them a job as TV commentators on Second Green, his fledgling golf channel.

Kathryn, Ireland’s number one golfer, is preparing to tee off. Following a recent run-in with a Commedia-mask wearing fan, she has become psychosomatically French.

Or, is all of the above a red herring and in actuality: our song is about the state of Liberty in America? Our lyrics, commentary, and song’s illustration tell the story?

We pick up the action as Guy and François begin to call the game.