Our concept for the 2017 September issue of Steampunk Art Magazine is the question at the foundation of Steampunk | What if.  In this case | What if Steampunk was founded 50 years from today?

What would Steampunk look, feel, and sound like if the first works in the genre were established 50 years from today?  As citizens living 50 years from now, would our version of K.W. Jeter, and all those artists who have been influenced by his term “Steampunk,” still start with the elements found in the works of Jules Verne and the Victorian era–iron, steel, and hard edges?  Would we have looked back instead to the era of H. R. Giger’s organic form meets organic machine?  Where would our future-selves decide that the genre of Steampunk should begin and why?

And once we’ve established our collective origin, the more important question: how would a Steampunk world, founded 50 years from today, diverge from the one founded in the 1980s?

We’re interested in artists who create in all forms that reflect our concept | Photography, writing, illustrations, painting, sculpture, music, fashion, jewelry, technology.

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