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From the beginning, Steampunk has always been defined by two qualities:  Bleeding-edge ideas and a do-it-yourself ethic.  Steampunk was so ahead of its time, that the genre didn’t receive its formal name until 1987  |  over 100 years after the first works were released into the world.

Steampunk Art Magazine continues the Steampunk tradition by not being traditional.

Steampunk Art Magazine | 2015 January
Concept and Director | Tom Libertiny
Photographer | Andy Greenwell
Model | Chloe Verkerke
Fashion Stylist & Wardrobe | AJ Martina
Hair & Make-up Artist | Brandie Brancheau
Jewelry Designer | Nneka Jackson, b-flyy creations
Production Coordinator | Kelsy Benacquisto, Gail & Rice
Production Coordinator | Robere Lett, Affiliated Group




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